Why does the persecution of Christians by Islam warrant such intentional and heartfelt prayer?

Learn more about the unique spiritual danger that Islam represents in your free copy of Smyrna‚Äôs new eBook, “Why Islam?”

Hear the author of “Why Islam?” talk about why she wrote this eBook:
What led you to write on this controversial topic?
Why does persecution at the hand of Islam deserve so much attention?
Who should read this eBook? I it only for Christians? Or for everybody?
Why is it so important to know some of the unspoken truths about Islam
What should people take away from reading “Why Islam?”

About the Author

Cate serves as the Senior Research Editor for Smyrna Ministries, where for the past eight years she has studied the factors involved in the persecution of Christians at the hand of Islam.

She continues to be amazed at the perseverance of believers in the face of suffering, and loves to write about Jesus — how the deceptions of Islam are no match for His perfect truth and perfect life.