“Christian sanitation workers are treated like animals in Pakistan.”

Although his family rushed him to the hospital, 28-year-old Irfan Masih was denied treatment by a group of doctors who said they did not want to touch the Christian sanitation worker during their Ramadan fast. Irfan, who had lost consciousness during work in a sewer line, died while waiting for medical attention.

The Pakistani hospital is now pressuring Irfan’s family members to drop a court case they could bring against the facility and medical officials who refused to treat a patient. The Civil Hospital Umerkot Medical Superintendent Dr. Jam Kumbhar is attempting to discredit the family members by getting police to arrest 16 of them for allegedly “attacking the hospital and obstructing the doctors from performing their duties.”

28-year-old Irfan Masih died after being denied treatment (Twitter)

However, the Senior Superintendent of Police Usman Javed Bajwa told Morning Star News that: “The police have registered a case under the court’s order, but we have not arrested any of the named persons because we believe that the hospital is making frivolous accusation against these people.”

Irfan’s cousin, Pervaiz Masih, who took Irfan to the hospital, said “I kept pleading with the doctor on duty, Yusuf, to begin Irfan’s treatment, but he refused, saying he was fasting and that his Roza [fast] would get makroo [invalid] if he touched the filth-covered body of the sanitary worker.”

The country’s past history of the caste system plays a role in the mistreatment of these Christians. Shakeel Naz, a religious freedom activist who runs a school for Christian children in Lahore, told Morning Star News that “Christian sanitation workers are discriminated against both by Muslims and by fellow Christians engaged in other professions. Since their work is considered unclean, people tend to look down upon them. It would not be wrong to say that the Christian sanitation workers are treated like animals in Pakistan.”

“May Your unfailing love come to me, O LORD, Your salvation according to Your promises then I will answer the one who taunts me, for I trust in Your word.”
— Psalm 119: 41-42

Pray —

The scene after Irfan, a sewage cleaner in Umerkot, died while awaiting treatment (PC: geo.tv)

7/9 — Ask God to comfort the family of Irfan in Pakistan with His presence, His Spirit, and through His Word which endures forever and restores dry bones to life again.

7/10 —Those who pervert justice and truth will ultimately answer to their Creator and God; pray that Irfan’s family will rest in the knowledge of God’s perfect justice and victory.

7/11 — Pray that persecuted lower-caste Pakistani Christians who are weary for retribution will simply speak and appropriate the beautiful name of Jesus to Whom all power and authority in heaven and earth has been given and leave judgment to Him.

7/12 — Pray that Pakistani Christians will forgive and love their persecutors.

7/13 — Pray that spiritually blind and deaf Pakistani Muslims will for the first time hear and see the salvation of Christ through the testimony of Christian neighbors and friends.

7/14 — Pray for the Holy Spirit’s continued ministry of using God’s Word to conform Pakistani Christians to the image and likeness of Jesus. (Romans 8:29)

7/15 — Pray that marginalized workers in Pakistan will turn to God’s Word for strength and that Christians in Pakistan who look down on so-called lower class Christians would repent and embrace their Christian brothers and sisters.

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