Islamic authorities in Nigeria use their political power to destroy churches and persecute Christians

On January 11 around 10 am, without giving the congregation an opportunity to remove anything from the buildings, Islamic authorities bulldozed the Redeem Christian Church of God and the Lord Chosen Church. The Executive Secretary of Urban Development and some key police officers came to watch the demolition.

Although the churches had been operating in those buildings for eight years and seventeen years respectively, the government claims they did not have the correct permits to do so. Local Christian leaders say that is because the government ignores all of their permit requests.

Bulldozers razed two churches in Dutse, Nigeria’s Jigawa state. (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

“It was a terrible experience, with so many Christians who witnessed the demolition crying,” said Rev. Yakuba Musa, who serves as the chairman for the Christian Association of Nigeria. “I was very angry because there were two mosques in that same place, but none of these mosques were demolished. There is also another building belonging to a Muslim person, which was marked for demolition, but they only concentrated on the church buildings because we are not many and we don’t have anyone in the government to speak for us.”

Six more churches have been earmarked for demolition: The Deeper Life Bible Church; the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Ministry; the Methodist Church; the Presbyterian Church; the Redeem Church II and the Baptist Church.

Jigawa is one of twelve states in Nigeria governed by Sharia law.

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit upon your offspring, and My blessing on your descendants.” — Isaiah 44:3

Pray —

3/24 – Our brothers and sisters in Nigeria have need of endurance. Pray they look to Christ to sustain them.

3/25 – Six more churches have been earmarked for demolition. Ask our Heavenly Father to preserve the church buildings and pour out His sustaining strength on our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

3/26 – Pray for our ministry partner’s church leaders in Nigeria as they assist and encourage families of their martyrs.

3/27 – As believers in Nigeria face interrogation for their faith, pray that they stand firm, fitted in the armor of God.

3/28 – Pray to the Lord who loves justice, that He will act in power on behalf of Nigerian Christians who are discouraged or frightened by the Islamic oppression they experience.

3/29 – Ask God to restore daily joy to Nigerian Christians.

3/30 – Pray that Christians in Nigeria will have unwavering belief in the promises of God.

3/31 – Call on the Lord to protect and defend His saints in Nigeria.

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