Pakistan shrugs off the murder of two young Chinese language teachers by Islamic supremacists

Li Xinheng (24) and Meng Lisi (26) were teaching Chinese to students at a language institute in Pakistan when they were abducted on May 24th from the streets of Quetta. Li and Meng were not only Chinese language teachers, but they also carried out a fearless, vocal faith in Jesus that led them to evangelize their friends, neighbors and colleagues. The search for the missing teachers ended when ISIS claimed responsibility and released a video purportedly showing the lifeless bodies of both Li and Meng.

Meng Li Si (Meng Lisi) and Lee Zing Yang (Li Xinheng ). ( photo)

Islam permeates the nation of Pakistan, from its government and system of law, throughout its culture, and into to the minds of many of its people. As a result, we once again witness the bizarre application of “justice” in Pakistan. While the government claims to provide its citizens with the freedom to profess and practice their religion, the reality for Christians in Pakistan is that the government time and again allows “reasonable restrictions in the interest of the glory of Islam.” So, in response to the killing by Islamic fighters of the two young Christians for simply sharing their faith, the interior ministry of Pakistan blamed Li and Meng for reportedly violating their business visas.

Please pray for Smyrna’s partners in a nearby and heavily Islamized region of India where evangelical conditions are every bit as challenging as this circumstance in Pakistan.

“They gather together against the life of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood. But the LORD has been my defense, and my God the rock of my refuge.” — Psalm 94: 21-22

Pray —

Liaqat Bazaar in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan (PC:

8/24 — Pray for the family and friends of Li and Meng to rest in the arms of Christ and find His eternal love to be the healing balm for their grieving hearts.

8/25 — Praise God for the courageous witness of Li and Meng and pray for those in Pakistan who heard them proclaim the Gospel and have yet to place their hope in Jesus.

8/26 — Ask God to send out His Word to draw darkened hearts of Muslims in Pakistan to the pure light of Jesus Christ. Pray for a turning of the tide of Islam in Pakistan.

8/27— Pray for Christian pastors in Pakistan to seek first the things of God and His Kingdom and point their congregations toward the Healer of their souls.

8/28 — Pray for the supernatural strength of the Holy Spirit to enable mistreated Christians in Pakistan to forgive and love their persecutors as Christ freely extends to us.

8/29 — Pray that Christians in Pakistan will recall their inheritance kept in heaven for them which “nothing can destroy, or spoil or wither”(1 Peter 1:4) and a Kingdom which is unshakable.

8/30 — Pray that Pakistani believers will lean into Christ for the perseverance to endure all things for His name.

8/31 — Pray for Christians in Pakistan to make their home in Christ, and enjoy living constantly in His presence.

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