Al-Shabab, the Al Qaeda-aligned Islamic supremacy terror group in east-central Africa, continues to slaughter Christians two years after its massacre of students at Kenya’s Garissa University.

On May 12, gunshots accompanied by cries of Allah Akbar rang out in El Wak, a Kenyan town near the Somali border. Al-Shabab militants shot Dalama Otieno, a Christian, in the head. He died of his wounds. They also killed another non-Muslim. Both men were quarry workers.

There is no doubt that Christians are the prime target for such attacks. A local pastor told Morning Star News “The attackers knew exactly whom they were attacking, that is, the Christians.” Survivors of the attack also recounted hearing the militants shouting: “Get rid of these infidel actors.”

Al Shabaab militants ambushed Kenyan soldiers. (Photo: Courtesy)

In January, Al-Shabab jihadists attacked a Kenyan military base, killing an estimated 150 Kenyan soldiers. A week later, gunmen from the group slaughtered twenty people at a beach-side restaurant in Somalia. Christians are especially targeted, like those martyred two years ago in the attack on Garissa University.

Although a U.S. drone strike killed former Al-Shabab chief Godane (who solidified ties with Al-Qaeda), the current leader, Abu Ubaidah, has eluded capture and the group holds the distinction of being the most deadly terror group in Africa, outpacing even Boko Haram.

**Note: Kenya is, in many ways, a bulwark stemming the tide of jihad from exploding throughout East Africa.

“The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.”
— Psalm 19:8

Pray —

A young boy leads al-Shabaab fighters as they conduct a military exercise in northern Mogadishu’s Suqaholaha neighbourhood, Somalia. (Mohamed Sheikh Nor/Associated Press)

7/16 — Ask God to meet the needs and console the grief of our martyred brother Dalama’s family.

7/17— Pray for God’s providential protection from Islamic aggression growing across East Africa. Pray for the disbandment of Al-Shabab; ask God to block their growth.

7/18 — Pray for Christians in Kenya and Somalia to lean into Christ and know the resurrected power of Jesus.

7/19 — Pray for Christians in Somalia and Kenya to be reminded of the perfect love of their Heavenly Father that casts out fear, revives the soul, and restores joy.

7/20 — Ask God to give Somali and Kenyan Christians discernment through His Holy Spirit in knowing how to respond to injustice and enable them to love their enemies.

7/21 — Pray for Kenyan and Somali Christians to run to God as their steady refuge and strong tower from the storm of earthly circumstances raging around them.

7/22 — Pray for Al-Shabab members and sympathizers to awaken to the truth of Christ – that God would reveal Himself to Muslims shackled by the weight of their sin.

7/23 — Pray that Somali and Kenyan believers will delve into the riches and mystery of the Gospel of Christ to inform their identity each day and transform their thoughts.

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