Muslim groups in northern Nigeria are pushing out Christians at a rate that could lead to their eradication from the region.

Members of our partner churches in the north of Nigeria are facing heart-breaking decisions about whether to leave their homes, their land, their churches, and flee to the south or to stay in the north and risk death. Their plight is weighing heavily on our hearts.

Pastor “S” recently shared of the current challenges facing his council of ministers and church members.  Muslim groups in the North have almost successfully pushed Christians out of the region; some are fleeing, as Pastor S describes, in a mass “exodus.”

As this happens, Christianity could be extinct in the north with virtually no active churches present. It has become increasingly dangerous for our partner pastors to travel into northern parts of Nigeria and the fear is that Muslim groups will begin moving their terror campaign into the predominantly Christian south.

A Fulani boy herding cattle in Bauchi State, northern Nigeria. (PC: World Watch Monitor)

And yet, because of your faithful prayers and giving, Pastor S remains encouraged and was able to care for a sick, crippled, 13-month-old child abandoned on the church premises.   Pastor S attests, “It is only God that can help us.  We earnestly need the prayers of Christians to see us through. May the good Lord bless you and reward all your kindness to us in Jesus’ name.”  

For You have been a stronghold to the poor, a defense to the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm.” — Isaiah 25:4


10/1 Pray for the perseverance of the saints in Nigeria  in the face of sorrow, suffering and injustice.

10/2 Pray for wisdom for Nigerian Christians in the north to know whether to stay or flee from the Islamic violence spreading across the region.

10/3 Pray for God-given courage for Pastor S and other pastors in Nigeria to feed their flocks from the Living Word of God and rest in Christ’s strength alone.

10/4 Pray for the unity of believers in Nigeria and for their assured identification with Christ in His sufferings that their faith in Him may grow abundantly.

(PC: World Watch Monitor)

10/5 Pray for healing of the baby Pastor S cares for and provision of his ministry to widows and orphans.

10/6  Pray for Nigerian Christians to have deep, abiding joy at the closeness of Jesus in their afflictions.

10/7 Pray for softened and changed hearts of Muslim persecutors in Nigeria, including Boko Haram terrorists, as they witness the reality of Jesus through the living sacrifices of Christians.

10/8Pray for the pursuit of justice by authorities and leadership in Nigeria. Pray for the salvation of President Buhari and that he may be used for God’s purposes.


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