Sudan’s Islamic regime continues to brutalize non-Muslims, and followers of Christ are at the top of its enemies list.


The leader of Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir, wants Sudan to be a “pure” Islamic state. He has ordered the slaughter of non-Arab ethnic groups and launched military campaigns against non-Muslim regions of Sudan. His administration bombs and terrorizes the predominantly Christian region in the Nuba Mountains. The slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in Darfur, and the subsequent mistreatment of 2.5 million non-Arabic refugees (whom he forced into Nazi-style concentration camps), has earned Al-Bashir an international reputation as a hardened and unrepentant war criminal.

The Reverend Kwa-Shamaal. [Photo: Morning Star News]

It is no surprise that his government arrested two Christian pastors, the Rev. Kuwa Shamal and the Rev. Hassan Abduraheem, and accused them of crimes against the state. Both men are originally from the Nuba Mountains, and are not ethnically Arab. Also arrested on similarly fabricated charges were Mr. Abdumawla, a Christian from Darfur, and Petr Jasek, a Czech aid worker who has worked with Voice of the Martyrs to raise awareness about persecution.

Praise God that Mr. Abdumawla was freed, but we just learned from our partner in Sudan that Petr Jasek has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison and the two pastors received 12-year sentences.

“So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.” — 2 Corinthians 4:16


President Omar al Bashir (Photo EPA)

2/8 – Pray for release of Pastors Kuwa Shamal and Hassan Abduraheem and the Czech aid worker, Petr Jasek.

2/9 – Pray for the unexplainable peace and strength of Christ to rule in the hearts of our captive brothers in Sudan.

2/10 – Pray for the endurance of our brother Petr Jasek, imprisoned since December 2015 for “tarnishing Sudan’s image” by documenting Sudan’s ongoing persecution of Christians and non-Arab ethnic groups and now facing a life sentence in prison.

2/11 – Intercede for the two pastors imprisoned in Sudan with 12-year sentences —that they will have patience in this affliction, strength in the face of fear, and enduring hope in Christ for each day.

2/12 – Pray that hard-pressed Christians in Sudan will meditate daily on the truths of God’s Word and abide in Him.

2/13 – Ask God to remind Christian fathers and mothers imprisoned for their faith in Sudan that He sees the needs of their children and will care for them as their Heavenly Father.

2/14 – Pray for Sudanese believers to put on the whole armor of God to defend against the attacks of the evil one.

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