Engin and Nurçan (pronounced Nur-jan) lead a small church in their homeland, Turkey.  Engin is a bold evangelist, sharing the Gospel with local fishermen, university students, Muslim family members, and whoever else the Lord brings his way. His book, From Adam to Jesus, shares his own testimony as Turkish believer in Jesus.


Although Christianity is not against the law where they live, the Turkish intelligence agency has made it clear they are watching Engin. They bring him in for questioning, and they also go through his emails, phone conversations, and other correspondence.

This family has faced many challenges, including having their Muslim landlord try to sell their apartment while they were out of town, receiving threats from hostile neighbors to the point where they had to relocate, and being rejected and ostracized by family members.

Even so, Engin and Nurçan have seen God’s hand upon their ministry. Four converts, after a period of discipleship, expressed the desire to be baptized. During the summer of 2013, Engin baptized all four!

Turkey is a nation that boasts fewer than 7,000 evangelical Christians. Praise God for this harvest!

There are challenges ahead of them as well. They tell us that protests and riots are becoming more frequent in their area. “Most Turks are sensing our country is becoming more of an Islamic state. People are on the streets protesting and resisting police, leading to violence.” Engin has gone out into the street, counseling young people to refrain from engaging in violent protests.

Please keep Engin and Nurçan in your prayers.

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