Why prayer “tools?” Because praying for the Persecuted Church is not easy.

We see images almost every day in the media of such persecution — property destruction and church burning, displacement of people from their homes, and brutal killing — and it is difficult to watch. Our tendency is to turn our heads away and our prayer for the Persecuted Church suffers.

Smyrna Prayer Tools help us to keep our prayer grounded in Scripture. Rather than letting our human nature dictate our prayer, these prayer tools use the language, promises, and heart of God to form those prayers.

These tools also help us to bear in mind how important is prayer for Muslims, too. Smyrna Prayer Tools assist prayer for Muslims who are in bondage to a system that enslaves them. Islam is more than a religion or worldview; it is a political and societal system that binds its adherents in a way that is very difficult to escape.

Muslims who respond to the call of Jesus Christ often face economic and cultural isolation, while physical harm and death are constant threats. Indeed, Smyrna’s partners minister to many persecuted Christians who are former Muslims.

So, while Smyrna provides prayer and care to the persecuted church, it is important to remember that the church is not a static entity. Today’s persecuting Muslim may be tomorrow’s persecuted Christian. Smyrna’s prayer tools recognize this reality and help you pray accordingly.