A major Muslim leader reminds the world that Islam is at war with Christians as well as adherents of all other religions.

Last month, a top Saudi imam led thousands of Muslims in prayer from within the Masjid al-Ḥarām, also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca – Islam’s holiest site. It is the largest mosque in the world (covering over 88 acres) and is open night and day.

In the course of his prayer, the imam implored Allah to “grant victory, dignity and empowerment to our brother Mujahideen (Jihadists) in Yemen, in Sham (Syria), and Iraq, and everywhere.” He prayed, “O Lord of the Worlds, grant them victory over the godless Rafidah (Shia Muslims). Grant them victory over the treacherous Jews, and over the spiteful Christians, and over the untrusted hypocrites. O Allah, grant them victory, help and strength.”

Shattered pretense that Islam is a benign system

This prayer was broadcast live through an Egyptian TV station. Although in the West we often pretend that Islam is a neutral or benign belief system, moments like this remind us that the God of Scripture and the Allah of the Qur’an are not the same. As we pray, we must be aware that we are engaging in a spiritual battle and cry out to the Living Christ to fight on our behalf.

What is the Great Mosque of Mecca?
The Great Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia [PC: AFP/Corbis; Britannica.com]

The Great Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia
[PC: AFP/Corbis; Britannica.com]

The Masjid al-Ḥarām, also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca, is the site of the Kabaa, Islam’s holiest place. It is a small rectangular building that houses a piece of rock known as the Black Stone. Muslims believe this stone fell from heaven so that Adam and Eve could worship at an altar worthy of Allah.

There are many myths and stories surrounding the Kabaa and the Black Stone, including one that says that Abraham and Ishmael began building the Kabaa and Muhammad finished it . . . which has no basis in archeological or historical fact, but is still believed by many Muslims. Each day from around the world, Muslims bow and pray in the direction of the Great Mosque, believing that doing so pleases Allah.

Spiritual bondage distorts Muslims’ view of reality
Kaaba [PC: Wikipedia]

Kaaba [PC: Wikipedia]

Ironically, Islamic reverence toward Mecca and the Kabaa is maintained at a time when Muslim leaders act to deny the legitimacy of Jewish holy sites. In Alice-in-Wonderland fashion, leaders in Muslim Middle Eastern countries have successfully manipulated UNESCO, the U.N.’s cultural agency, to pass a preliminary resolution stating that there is no Jewish (and hence Christian) connection to the Temple Mount and Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

This is merely more evidence that Muslims are in bondage to the falsehood of Islam. Sadly, this also means that leaders of countries who are in fear of Islam will also suffer the consequences of this enslavement.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the
strength of my heart and my portion forever.” — Psalm 73:26

Pray —

10/16 — Christians account for only about 4% of the population in Saudi Arabia. Pray for the Church’s growth.

10/17 — Pray for Saudi Christians to find their rest in Him.

10/18 — Pray that the eyes of many Saudi Muslims will be opened in witnessing the brutal torture of innocent people. Pray that their opened eyes see the spiritual bondage in which Islam holds them.

10/19 — Pray that Saudi Christians will rejoice in Christ! Pray that they hold fast to the truth, and that obvious attempts to falsify facts — such as the denial of the Temple Mount’s place in history — does not cause them to lose heart.

10/20 — Pray for the perseverance of the Christian population of Saudi Arabia living in extreme governmental oppression.

10/21 — Despite the persecution, Muslims in Saudi Arabia are increasingly coming to faith in Christ— praise God!

10/22 — Ask God to protect believers in Saudi Arabia from the darkness of Islam and Sharia law.

10/23 — Pray that God gives Saudi Christians the courage to carry the Gospel to the lost even in the face of danger.

10/24 — Ask God to fill Saudi Christians with His peace.

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