Christians are reviled, abused, and persecuted on a daily basis where Islam is dominant. Their suffering draws our attention to the fact that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle that calls for spiritual warfare.

It is tempting to forsake prayer for activism, working for God instead of with God. Yet Jesus Himself taught us to pray, and when He faced dark circumstances or social injustice, His first response was an appeal to His Father.

No amount of media awareness or activism can replace crying out to God in prayer. After all, the battle belongs to the Lord!  

At Smyrna, we want to help you draw close to Him as you intercede for REAL people who are experiencing REAL persecution. Take advantage of some of our free resources! Download a month’s worth of prayer requests, sign up for weekly prayer request emails, or download the Smyrna app for your mobile device. [Note: we are transitioning to a new prayer app, and hope to make it available to you soon. The link below no longer works.] Start praying today!