“Surrender the Christians!”

For decades, jihadist groups have fought to establish a Sharia-governed state and, with help from ISIS, the Maute group hopes that goal is within reach.

Roughly 94 percent of the Philippines’ nearly 4 million Muslims live on the southern island of Mindanao. On May 23, in Marawi City, Islamic jihadists were confronted by authorities and began a terror-spree: beheading a police chief, burning a cathedral, and taking an estimated 200 hostages, including a priest.

A military helicopter flies past a mosque in Marawi City, southern Philippines May 28 (PC: Reuters)

Authorities report that militants shot and killed at least eight Christians who refused to recite the Muslim creed. Their bodies were thrown in a ditch with a sign placed next to it which read, “Traitors.

However, there are also reports of Muslims helping their Christian neighbors escape. When jihadists stormed a prison and demanded that the prison warden “Surrender the Christians!”, the warden hid the Christian staff member among the inmates, saving his life. The Islamic State released a video urging Muslim fighters who cannot make it to Syria to go to the Philippines instead.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?”— Psalm 27: 1


7/1 — Pray for Filipino Christians to stand firm in the hope of El Roi, the God who sees & redeems their suffering.

Smoke billowing from Marawi City during the attacks by the Islamic Maute group on May 27, 2017. (PC: Reuters)

7/2 — Praise God for using the prison warden in the southern Philippines to spare the life of a Christian prison employee.  Pray that the warden will hear and believe the Gospel.

7/3 — Pray for Filipino believers to daily take up the unflinching shield of faith in Christ Jesus. (Eph. 6:16)     

7/4 —Pray for many Muslims in the Philippines to be convicted of their service to a false god who orders and demands the violence and persecution that they witness.

7/5 — Ask the Lord to comfort and provide for the families of the martyred Filipino Christians.

7/6  — Pray that persevering Christians in the Philippines will take hold of each and every one of the promises of God, knowing that they find their fulfillment and “every yes” in Jesus Christ.  (2 Corinth. 1:20)

7/7 — Pray for the Holy Spirit’s continued saving work in the lives of the Muslim neighbors who helped Filipino Christians escape from Islamic jihadists.

7/8 — Pray that weary Filipino Christians will be encouraged by the Holy Spirit to rest fully in Christ.

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