Islam is a political system often hidden behind a mask of religion, a situation often seen in Iran where preaching the Gospel can be a crime against the state.

Shamiram Khabizeh, is the wife of Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz in Iran. Last July 4th Pastor Victor was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment for “acting against national security”. Three other Christian converts were charged with similar offenses and given 10 to 15 year long sentences.

Now Shamiram is facing a five-year-long imprisonment of her own for “acting against the Islamic regime of Iran” by organizing her church small grounds, attending a Christian seminar abroad, and helping support house church teachers and pastors in Iran.

From left: Victor Bet-Tamraz, his wife Shamiram and their son Ramil. (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

Supporting efforts of evangelism, church planting and the spread of God’s Word in Iran could not come at a more crucial time. Smyrna is a regular contributor to Elam’s effort to give Farsi New Testaments to persecuted believers, to provide assistance to families of imprisoned house church pastors, and to train house church pastors in Iran.

Since the completed translation of the New Testament into modern Persian in 2003, over 1.7 million copies of the New Testament have made their way into the hands of eager Iranians. Elam’s goal is to print and distribute a second million copies soon! Elam shares: “there is an overwhelming demand for the Word of God in Iran. Wherever the Scriptures reach, people are turning to Christ.”

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good.” — Psalm 73:28

Pray —

Copies of the New Testament are making their way into the hands of Muslims in Iran and God’s Truth is bringing many to saving faith through Christ. (Photo: Elam)

7/24 — Pray that the harsh sentencing of these Christians in Iran would be miraculously overturned.

7/25 — Pray for endurance for Iranian Christians who have been disowned by their families for their faith.

7/26 — Pray for the witness, perseverance and ultimate vindication of approximately 90 house church pastors (many associated with our partner ministry) in Iran.

7/27 — Pray for Christians in Iran’s prisons to have genuine love for their guards and fellow inmates.

7/28 — Ask God to provide for the families of the incarcerated Christians in Iran as we thank many of you for giving to help these families of martyrs and prisoners.

7/29 — Pray for increased fervor for the Gospel in Iran.

7/30 — Pray for the fulfillment of the distribution of 2 millions copies of God’s Word in Iran.

7/31 — Pray for a turning of the tide of Islam in Iran.

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