On Africa’s Gold Coast, Christianity is spreading despite Islamic aggression in other regions of the continent.

Ghana’s population is over 70% Christian, with many leading active and open lives of faith. “It’s common to see people studying the Bible on the bus, and many office workers keep open Bibles on their desks.”

This has encouraged some to predict that Ghana could be a hotbed for Christianity in Africa, Reuters reports. “The country is central to a wave that puts West Africa at the heart of global Christianity”, said professor Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu of Trinity Theological Seminary in Accra, Ghana.

We greatly rejoice to hear the reports from our Ghanaian partner pastors that many are coming to saving faith in Christ because of evangelistic outreaches and Gospel presentations. Perhaps adding to the fervor for Christianity in Ghana is the sense that the bestial force of Islam lies lurking in the shadows.

Smyrna’s director with our partner’s church in Ghana

Smyrna’s two Ghanaian ministry partners have witnessed firsthand in nearby countries the utter destruction to human life and homeland by those who pledge allegiance to the false god of Islam. They have seen the charred remains left of homes and churches attacked by Islamic militants. They can attest to the existence of Boko Haram training camps in northern Ghana.

So while the commitment to Christ by many Ghanaians is strong, the threat of Islamic violence against them is a growing concern. Last year in neighboring Burkina Faso the jihadi group, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for an attack on an outdoor café that killed 29 civilians including at least 7 known Christians.

Please pray for the ministries of Smyrna’s partners in Ghana, that the Lord will open new doors for them to share the Gospel with Ghana’s Muslims. Pray that Gospel opportunities will arise even with Muslims who come to Ghana from neighboring countries with violent and evil intentions.

“Arise O Lord, lift up Your Hand; forget not the afflicted.” — Psalm 10:12

Pray —

Mike Riddering, missionary to Burkina Faso, was killed in last year’s attack (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

11/24 — Praise God for the hundreds, including many children, who have come to faith in Jesus as a result of the outreach ministries of our partners in Ghana!

11/25 — Pray for the abundance of everlasting joy for Ghanaian Christians as they offer continual thanksgiving in their hearts to Him who loves and sanctifies us.

11/26 — Pray not only for the physical protection of our beloved brothers and sisters in Ghana, but pray especially for the protection of their faith, which is most precious in the sight of the Lord and which will endure forever.

11/27— Pray for God’s blessing and wisdom over the Gospel-centered ministries of Smyrna’s partner pastors in Ghana. Pray for their gaze to remain fixed on Jesus.

11/28 — Pray for passionate fervor for God’s Word to be the foundation of the Ghanaian Church that they will be spiritually grounded for times of testing in the future.

11/29 — Pray that Christians in Ghana take the time daily to sit in the presence of the Lord, meditate on His Word, and hide His promises in their hearts.

11/30 — Pray for Spirit-led unity of the Church in Ghana. Pray that they will embody Ephesians 4: being humble and gentle, patient and bearing with one another in love. Pray that they will increasingly be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

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