Muslim Fulanis who appear motivated by Islamic totalitarianism continue to kill Christians and destroy their villages in Nigeria even as western media often portrays it as an “economic dispute.”

**Also — special update on Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram**

“The attack on our village occurred this morning while we were in the church. Our village head and one other person died, and many were injured . . . these Fulanis have been attacking our communities, and no-one is doing anything about it.”


If you look at a map and find Nigeria, and put your finger in the center of the country and slide it down just a little, that’s where Nasarawa state is: north central Nigeria. That’s where Ittah’s village is. He’s one of the survivors of an attack carried out on March 19 by armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen against the Christian community there.

Ethnic Muslim Fulani Herdsmen (PC: Morning Star News)

This year in Nasarawa state alone, Muslim Fulani herdsmen have killed over 200 people, injured over 500 others, and destroyed the homes and property of many Christians. Any form of protest seems to draw more attacks. Farms are deserted; displaced people struggle to make a living.

“We are in pain and distressed, we are dying as a result of this destruction to our economic activity in our lands. Most of our farms and villages are now deserted due to insecurity.” Aminu Suleiman, president of Ajiri Afo Development Association in Nasarawa, stated in a petition.


Nasarawa state, Nigeria. (PC: Wikimedia)

Christian groups are petitioning the government for protection, but their requests have yet to materialize into aid. Analysts suspect that the Fulani herdsmen are receiving funding from Islamic terrorist groups eager to gain power in the heart of Nigeria.

Chibok schoolgirls released

82 of Boko Haram’s female captives were released and arrived in the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Sunday, May 7th. Most of them are from the group of Chibok schoolgirls who were kidnapped in April 2014. The women were freed in exchange for Boko Haram members and suspects after several months of negotiations.

Masaka Nasarawa State Nigeria (PC: Flickr)

Give thanks and praise to God for the release of the 82 girls. After this most recent release, the estimated number of girls still held hostage is 113. Pray for these girls’ hope and confidence to rest in Christ and Christ alone, who gives strength to the weary. Pray that the remaining captives of Boko Haram will be released soon, yet remember in their days of captivity that God watches over them with a steadfast covenantal love and will never leave or forsake them.

“The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of
trouble.” — Psalm 9:9

Pray —

Released captives of Boko Haram (PC: Twitter/ICRC_Africa)

5/9 — Ask God to comfort and protect the families of the more than 200 Nigerian Christian farmers in Nasarawa state who were killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen this year.

5/10 — Pray for the healing of the more than 500 injured in Fulani attacks against Christians in north central Nigeria.

5/11 — Pray that the Muslim terrorists such as Boko Haram who are instigating the Fulani attacks would be frustrated in their efforts to kill and/or force Christians to flee their farms.

5/12 — Pray for the Nigerian government to protect Christian farm families from Muslim terrorists, especially in 12 northern states where sharia is the law of the land.

A young former captive of Boko Haram (PC: Nigerian Government)

5/13 — Ask God that the helmet of His salvation would protect Nigerian believers from discouragement as they remember their inheritance in the Lord’s eternal kingdom.

5/14 — Ask the Holy Spirit to move in a mighty way across this nation and lead great numbers to repentance and faith.

5/15 — Pray for Nigerian believers to “hold fast the confession of [their] hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” (Heb. 10:23)

5/16 — Pray for Ittah and other survivors of Fulani attacks on Christian families to persevere in their faith and their witness to Muslims in Nigeria.

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