Seeking to reach and disciple the Arab world for Christ, “Abu Saad” shares the Gospel in Arab with all including refugees, Bedouins, gypsies, and other “outcasts.” Partnering with many churches and believers, Abu Saad coordinates and disciples a network of evangelists. They go out as door-to-door teams to build relationships with people. Initially, they learn about each family’s needs and often distribute food. Then follow-up teams return to the same homes, share the Gospel and distribute Bibles.abu saad

Abu Saad says, “Right now, we are visiting refugee families and listening to their stories, as well as distributing food packages, blankets, mattresses, and other aid. As we show compassion for their pain and grieve with them, we also try to show respect as well. After each visit, we distribute New Testaments and Christian tracts.

“After each visit we receive a positive blessing from the refugees’ reactions. One family told us, ‘We’ve been visited by lots of group and charity organizations, but you are so different. We feel that you do this because you love us – you even respect us – and you talk to us like you know us from before. We feel loved and we feel home because of you.’

“The church has kept her doors open 24 hours a day for these refugees. Our volunteers frequently receive calls for help, and they react directly, even when new refugees call at midnight.

“We view this refugee crisis as an opportunity to share the love of Christ. It is God who opened the door for us to minster to these refugees, and we cannot abandon our brothers and sisters. This may be a time of harvest among the Syrian refugees. God is sovereign, and He cares. We must care too, for we are ambassadors for Christ and must reflect God’s love.

“We also desire to provide targeted training for Christian youth. We want to equip young Christians to be leaders and peacemakers during this humanitarian crisis. They need discipleship if they are going to be light in darkness and peace in the time of fear. Each member of the church must have an understanding of how God views catastrophes and be willing to boldly share his faith, or our witness will be diminished. Discipleship requires investments of time, resources, and the courage, and we are asking the Lord to provide everything needed.”

Please keep Abu Saad and his team in your prayers, and ask God to grant them a mighty harvest!

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