An Algerian Christian places truth-preservation over self-preservation, and is consequently attacked by Muslims bound to lie-preservation.


At what point do you keep the truth to yourself? At what point do you stop openly talking about Jesus, or clearly addressing the dark spiritual nature of Islam? Slimane Bouhafs, a Christian from Algeria’s Kabyle region (which is largely non-Arab) was arrested after stating, on Facebook, that the light of Jesus was overcoming the ‘lie’ of Islam and its prophet in the Kabyle region.

He also published photos showing the execution of a civilian by an Islamic jihadist. The authorities pounced. They dragged him to court in early August, prevented his lawyer from attending the trial, and sentenced the 49-year-old to a heavy fine and five years in prison for blasphemy against Islam.

Court demands prison even when fine is dropped

Algerian Christian Slimane Bouhafs [PC: World Watch Monitor]

In early September, Slimane appealed the sentence, and the fine was dropped, yet the court still demands that he spend the next three years in prison. As of October 19th, Slimane’s family is seeking a presidential pardon for him, instead of waiting for the Supreme Court to overturn his sentencing.

Bouhafs’ daughter, Thilleli, said: “We have decided to seek a presidential pardon, instead of appealing to the Supreme Court. This is our last resort and the only possible solution to set my father free.” Slimane’s family now urgently seeks his release knowing that his medical condition is worsening in prison.

Slimane began to follow Jesus in 1997; he was baptized in 2006.

Pray that his faith, more precious than gold, is refined and purified even more during this dreadful ordeal.

“ You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” — Matthew 5:14

Pray —

light-of-jesus-lie-of-islam10/25—Pray for Slimane’s family to find their hope each day in the promise of Christ’s presence with their father always.

10/26—Slimane’s family describes him as a man dedicated to his country, democracy, and human rights. Pray for truth to prevail in Slimane’s case and pray his sentencing is dropped.

10/27 — Pray that Slimane will entrust his case to the Lord, let God deal with his enemies, and rest in His father’s love.

10/28— Pray for Slimane to remember that one day God will judge all sin and reward those who faithfully trust Him.

10/29 — Ask God to give courage and endurance to Slimane while he waits.

10/30 — Pray that Slimane looks to the example of Christ as the author and finisher of his faith who, though He was rejected, did not open his mouth to defend Himself. (Is. 53:7)

10/31 — Pray for Slimane to dwell in the secure shelter of the Most High and recall His new mercies every day. Pray for many opportunities for him to share the Gospel in prison.

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