Leadership Development - post“Paul,” a Christian convert from Islam, knows what it’s like to be persecuted for the sake of Christ. After this young man, a computer programmer in Uzbekistan, came to know the Lord, he experienced rejection and hostility from his closest friends and family. Thankfully, the same missionary that first witnessed to Paul also pastored a house church, and Paul’s faith was strengthened through fellowship with other believers. He was baptized in 2003, and when the missionary was kicked out of the country, Paul stepped up. Today, he pastors a house church and is using his God-given talents to spread the Gospel (he speaks four languages and has deep insights into his culture).  He also makes short-term mission trips to western China.  

Because of your partnership, Smyrna was able to help send Paul to a pastoral training program in Austria. Fellowship, discipleship, and theological training are essential for Christian leaders anywhere, and the need is especially great where Islam is dominant.

Would you would like to help believers like Paul gain access to Biblical resources and training?

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