Maryam Zargaran was arrested by Iranian authorities for leaving Islam to worship Jesus.

Maryam, a children’s music teacher, was arrested in November 2012. She was held for five days in the filthy, dangerous Vozara Detention Center, and then transferred to the notorious Evin prison. Except for a few months out on bail, she has been in prison for the past three and a half years.

The regime in Iran knows how to torment the followers of Jesus both psychologically and emotionally. After initial arrests and interrogation, authorities often release Christians, only later to slap harsh sentences on them. When imprisoned, Christians are routinely told their hearings will be on a certain date, and then the dates are changed (often to prevent legal counsel from being present).

Female Christian prisoner, Maryam Naghash Zargaran [Photo: Mohabat News]

As a children’s music teacher, Maryam allegedly committed “crimes against national security” by converting to Christianity. She is currently dealing with the awful news that authorities have added 45 days to her four year sentence. Because the prison allowed her to receive outside medical care, the court ruled that her absence from the prison requires additional punishment. This sister in Christ has been hoping for an early release but her hopes have been crushed.

“May Your unfailing love be my comfort.” Psalm 119:76

Pray —

1/16 — Pray for Maryam’s heart to rest daily in the truth of who Christ is and in His love for her.

1/17 — Pray that authorities will overturn Maryam’s additional sentence and that she will be released soon.

1/18 — Pray that Maryam will define her worth and identity by Jesus’ love and sacrifice for her, instead of circumstances.

1/19 — Pray that Maryam’s family will place their hope in the never-failing name of Christ as they await her release.

1/20 — Ask God to keep His angels around Maryam, protecting her from harm while in one of the worst prisons. Pray also for healing of her physical ills.

1/21 — Pray that Maryam will have access to a Bible and will grow in the knowledge and grace of God day after day.

1/22 — Pray that God will remind Maryam constantly that He will redeem all things under heaven in His time.

1/23 — Pray that Maryam will be filled with songs of joy and that the Holy Spirit will use her witness to draw her prison guards to repentance and faith in Christ.

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