Iraq’s heavily Muslim population produces ongoing violence and murder of Christians while the Christian community suffers the oppressive reality of extreme persecution.

On March 9th, 2018, the bodies of Assyrian Christians Dr. Hisham Shafiq al-Maskuni, his wife Dr. Shaza Malik Dinno, (both doctors at a nearby nun’s hospital) and Shaza’s elderly mother, Khairiyah Dawood Abada, were discovered by their neighbors, having been stabbed to death in their home.

Hisham Shafiq al-Maskuni, 61, was killed alongside his wife, Dr. Shaza Malik Dinno, and her mother, Khairiyah Dawood Abada (PC: World Watch Monitor)

The next day the Iraqi Interior Ministry announced that it apprehended the murder suspects, an armed group in a predominantly Shia Muslim area.

Christians in Iraq know that the violence carried out against them will not stop; it could happen anywhere, at any time, even in their own homes.  A few weeks prior to this incident a young Christian man named Samer Salah Addin was shot dead in front of his house in Baghdad.

“In incidents like this, the Christian community of Iraq is being affected psychologically more than others because they perceive it in the context of general oppression and discrimination they face”, a local source who wished to remain anonymous told reporters.

Pray for great endurance for the Christian remnant in 97% majority-Muslim Iraq.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” — Matthew 24:35

Pray —

4/17 — Pray that God will comfort those grieving the murders of this Assyrian Christian family through His enduring promises.

4/18 —  Ask God to use the al-Maskuni family’s deaths to spread the Gospel and bring many to faith in Christ in Iraq.

4/19 — Pray for the individuals who murdered this Assyrian Christian family, that the Holy Spirit would draw them to repentance and faith.

4/20 —  Pray that God would sustain Iraqi Christians with His steadfast love and never-failing presence.

4/21 —Pray that Christians in Iraq will remain strong and courageous, trusting in God, despite the circumstances around them.

4/22 — Pray for a turning of the tide of Islam in Iraq.

4/23 — Praise God that this family’s story does not end at the grave, but through Christ they are now enjoying eternal life in God’s presence.

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