The tragic story of three young children in the Indonesian island of Borneo illustrates how Islam reinforces hatred and human sin, and blinds its adherents to the compassion of the Spirit of God.

One and a half years later, three children who were severely injured from a church bombing in 2016 are still undergoing treatments, their parents praying for their full recovery.

On November 13th, 2016, in Samarinda, East Borneo, children were waiting for their parents to pick them up after Sunday school. A man on a motorbike, and reportedly wearing a black t-shirt reading “Jihad Way of Life” drove past and threw a petrol bomb into the playground area. Four-year olds Alvaro and Trinity and two-year old Anita each suffered burns, but survived.

The parents of Intan, 2, killed during the November petrol-bomb attack. Her father holds a photo of their lost daughter, as her mother cradles their new-born baby girl. (PC: Open Doors)

Two-year-old Intan died from her injuries the following day. The images are utterly heartbreaking — young Trinity, age 4, will carry the scars on her body for the rest of her life and Alvaro has undergone 17 operations.

A year and a half following the attack, Muslim cleric Aman Abdurrahman is in prison for his involvement with a string of attacks, including inspiring this church playground bombing. He denies ever inciting violence toward Christians as he now faces a possible death sentence, but the director of an Indonesian based policy analysis group identifies Aman as “Indonesia’s most important extremist ideologue” whose writings [have] influenced thousands of Muslims. “The defendant is considered to be the most knowledgeable of Islamic State ideology [in Indonesia]” and was a helpful source for IS affiliated groups, another expert witness told the court, as reported by the Jakarta Post.

Four year-old Trinity is still undergoing treatments for her severe injuries from the attack. (PC: Open Doors)

“The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.”
— Psalm 46:7

Pray —

6/1 — Pray that Alvaro, Anita and Trinity’s parents will trust that God will use what was intended for evil, the painful event, and the resulting scars, for His glory.

6/2 — Pray for the children’s complete healing from the trauma; pray for their hearts to abide in Christ’s love.

6/3 — Pray for Indonesia’s church leaders to shepherd their people with courage & dependence on God’s Word.

6/4 — Pray that Christians in Indonesia will rely on the spiritual armor God provides through His Word.

6/5 — Pray for justice in Indonesia and for police and
government leaders to investigate and prosecute culprits.

6/6 — Pray for justice to be served in Muslim cleric Aman’s case and pray that he will repent and be saved.

6/7 — Ask God to protect believers in Indonesia.

6/8— Pray for Indonesian Christians to be filled with joy.

Aman Abdurrahman (center), the alleged mastermind behind recent suicide bombings attends a court hearing. (PC: The Jakarta Post)

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