The persecution of Christians by Muslims has metastasized in Germany where converts from Islam are not safe from their former co-religionists

“She was killed because she was a Christian.”

On Saturday, April 29th, while with her children at a German supermarket in the village of Prien, Bavaria, an Afghan sister in Christ (identified now as Farima S.) was martyred for the sake of her public allegiance to Jesus. She was 38 years old, accompanied by her 5 and 11-year-old children, when one of her countrymen approached her, shouting and waving a knife.

(PC: Deutsche Presse-Agentur)

He was also an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, but unlike his victim, the 29-year-old man was known to be a devout Muslim. Farima, on the other hand, had left Islam and had been baptized in a Protestant church. She was active in an evangelical women’s bible study, and she was outspoken about her faith in Christ.

According to one source, he had threatened Farima before because of her apostasy. This time, he slit her throat and continued stabbing her until police intervened. She was taken to a hospital, where she later died from her injuries.

Around 200 attended Farima’s memorial and burial service (PC: Deutsche Presse-Agentur)

A rise in Christian persecution in Germany can be expected in the next few years if current practices continue where government authorities and public media do little to consider the consequences of the growing Islamization of the country. Gatestone Institute reports that, according to a survey, “half of the three million ethnic Turks living in Germany believe it is more important to follow Islamic Sharia law than German law if the two are in conflict.”

This incident also highlights the politically charged atmosphere over this alleged Islamization. This political sensitivity has grown to where governmental authorities are accused of covering up crime statistics involving mainly Muslim refugees.

Although German authorities are still investigating Farima’s murder, they acknowledge that a “religious motive” is likely. The woman’s sister is less guarded, and insists that her sister was killed for following Christ. We may never know the full story.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.” — James 1:27

Lake Chiemsee near Prien, Bavaria (PC: Priener Tourismus GmbH)

Pray —

6/1 — Pray for this young Afghan woman’s surviving children to have confidence in the love of their Heavenly Father.

6/2 — Ask God to provide a gracious home and family for Farima’s children. Pray that they will grow up knowing Jesus as their Savior and Friend.

6/3 — Pray that Farima’s children will be reminded each day of the covenantal, steadfast promises of God, on which their mother placed her life’s hope.

6/4 —Pray that the authorities will bring the man who killed Farima to justice for his actions. Pray that this man will come to know the Savior who died for him and place his life into God’s hands.

6/5 — Pray for the protection of Christian asylum seekers, especially converts from Islam, in Germany who continue to face threats from angered Muslims.

6/6 — Ask God to stir up a fervent passion for evangelizing Muslims among German Christians.

6/7 — Pray for willing and open hearts in Germany to receive the many Christian refugees within their borders.

6/8 — Pray that the martyrdom of this young Afghan woman in Germany will be used by God to build and strengthen His Church and to spread the Gospel.

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