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In northern Ghana, Christianity is the exception, not the rule. Many communities and cities are over 95% Muslim and converts to Christianity are persecuted. The Ghana Statistical Service reports that roughly 36% of men in northern Ghana are in polygamous marriages and Islam is listed emphatically as a contributing factor. UNICEF has found that 41% of teenage girls in Ghana believe that a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife under certain circumstances. Marital research data from the north shows that older men often marry multiple teenage wives, who, once widowed, rarely remarry. About 13% of women in northern Ghana are widows.

It is in this environment that Pastor Mbarra and his wife, Miriam, have pioneered a major outreach effort to Muslims. In true imitation of Jesus, they have a deep love and concern for their neighbors, displayed in their disciplined and creative Gospel-driven outreach.










In addition to a kids camp and vocational training programs, Pastor Mbarra has launched multiple outreach initiatives, including orphanages, water distribution projects, evangelism training, pastoral training, a Christian radio station, a goat project, and medical clinics. He and Miriam also have a vision to launch a Christ-centered university. God has led thousands of Muslims to Christ through their ministry and witness.

Pastor Mbarra lives near a large mosque, but instead of being discouraged by Islam’s entrenched presence in his region, he is challenged to seek God more intensely. He shared seven ways God can use Islam to stir up our affections:

Islam Quote

Smyrna is thankful for the Bible-saturated, eternity-minded perspective Pastor Mbarra brings to ministry in the Islamic world. Please keep him and Miriam in your prayers.

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