When Smyrna published a prayer request for a Filipino widow and her family, the Body of Christ responded. The woman’s husband, a convert from Islam turned Christian pastor, was kidnapped by zealous Muslims intent on making him denounce his faith. When he refused to return to Islam, they tortured him … and strangled him to death.

Grieving and unable to pay off several debts, his wife was forced to mortgage the family farm land. She and her four children didn’t know what they were going to do. However, because of the generosity of our prayer warriors, Smyrna was able to help her redeem back the family land – all of it! We also sent funds to help her purchase rice seeds and fertilizer. She and her children are now able to farm the land and generate income for their family. 

Smyrna is now helping the widows and children of nine Christians who were martyred at the hand of Boko Haram in Nigeria, and we also are assisting families of imprisoned house church pastors in Iran.

Jesus said the trademark of His disciples is our love for one another (John 13:35). If you have been looking for a chance to show His love, will you consider helping families of martyrs and prisoners?

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