Evangelism & Church Planting - postPlease be encouraged by this testimony from “Elizabeth,” a nurse who partnered with Pastor Mbarra and Smyrna and saw God at work in West Africa:

“Today I went with Pastor Mbarra to visit a believer’s mother who was ill and couldn’t walk. The mother is a Muslim and her husband is an imam. After assessing, treating, and teaching the mother, Pastor M. asked the woman if she would be willing to listen to my testimony. The woman agreed and I proceeded to share for about 10 minutes my testimony of how I came to know that Jesus is in fact the Son of God and the Savior of the world. The woman listened carefully as her Christian daughter interpreted everything in Dagbani. I could tell the woman was touched as I was sharing.

At first I was nervous that I would say something wrong, but as I was speaking I realized that God was doing all the work for me and that it was up to Him to use my words to touch her heart. By the end of the testimony, the woman told me she heard me and that she believes that everything I said was true and that she loves Jesus.

Pastor M. asked her if I could pray for her before we left and she readily agreed. I prayed that the Lord would heal her body and the He would bring her and the whole household to know the Lord. My prayer was not translated to the woman, but God was at work because right after the prayer, the woman told Pastor that she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart right then. So the woman held my hand and repeated the sinner’s prayer after her daughter (who was repeating after me) and asked Jesus to come into her heart.

The woman smiled and did not want to let go of my hand; she told Pastor Mbarra to let me stay with her for a while. Her face was radiant as she looked at her daughter (who had been persecuted by the family for becoming a Christian years ago). Please pray that God would protect this woman and her daughter and that the Lord would save the father and the rest of the family as well.”

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