Christians are the “favorite prey” of ISIS; the Muslim group that wants to “kill every infidel” and establish and Islamic hegemony everywhere terrorizes Christians in Cairo who receive protection from neither the government nor Muslim neighbors.

On the evening of February 21, Nabila heard a knock on the door. Her son went to answer it, and moments later she heard a gunshot. Masked jihadists had killed Medhat, her son, right in the hallway of their home.

Next, they forced her outside, but she could hear as they killed her husband. Before they looted and burned the home, they asked Nabila the names of her son and husband. When she replied, one of the murderers checked the names off a list in his hand. Nabila’s story is gut-wrenching.

Loved ones grieve at the funeral of Saad Hakim Hanna and his son, Medha (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

She told World Watch Monitor that police didn’t respond to the incident, and that she stood in the road in shock. “We’re the only Christian family on the street. I was alone – none of the neighbors helped me; they heard the gunshots but were afraid to come out.”

Two days before the attack on Nabila’s family, ISIS released a video vowing to exterminate Coptic Christians and urging Islamic believers to “rejoice” because jihadists would soon “liberate” Cairo. Of the 1,700 Coptic families in the North Sinai area, roughly 1,000 have fled.

“I pray that God, the Source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” — Romans 15:13

Pray —

4/1 – Pray that God surrounds Nabila and her daughter with the steadfast promise of Christ’s ever-present peace.

Map of El Arish, northern Sinai near the Egyptian-Israeli border where ISIS is carrying out attacks against Christians. (Photo: VOA News)

4/2 – Ask God to use the mounting intensity of Islamic aggression against Christians in Egypt to build, strengthen and refine the faith of Coptic Christians in His Word.

4/3 – Pray that Coptic Christians in Egypt will run to the open arms of Jesus for His perfect rest and grace.

4/4 – Pray for the heartbroken families of martyred Egyptian Christians to place their daily hope in the God who raises the dead and gives sight to the blind.

4/5 – Ask God to use the blatant evil of ISIS to open many Egyptian Muslims’ eyes to see the contrast between Jesus’ saving love and Allah’s destructive demands.

4/6 – Pray that Christians in Egypt will hold fast to Psalm 91 and claim His deliverance and protection.

4/7 – Pray for Christians in Egypt to walk in the Spirit and in truth.

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