Attacks on Christians by Muslims in the majority-Christian country of Uganda are on the rise.

Last month a Muslim gained access to a faith-based elementary school in Kabuna village, by pretending to be a Christian. When the school board found out about the false representation, they asked him to leave the school.  He did so, but only days later came back to force his way into the school director’s office and began beating him over the head with a blunt object, shouting “Allah Akbar”.

Mercifully, other teachers intervened to stop the  brutal attack. The school director received treatment for his injuries at a nearby health center.  He is still recovering and may need further medical treatment.  Since the incident, several of the elementary-age school children have been afraid to attend their school.

Islamic extremists attacked former sheikh Mulangira Ibrahim. (Morning Star News)

While Muslims account for just about 12 percent of the population in Uganda, any Christian convert from Islam faces severe punishment for their faith.

Mulangira Ibrahim’s story is one recent example. A former sheikh (Islamic teacher), Mulangira trusted in Christ after seeing visions and seeking out a local pastor. When it became known that he was praising Issa, Jesus, local Muslims beat him and took away his wife and children.  His life has been physically threatened and he is now forced to find refuge at his local church.

“…our eyes are on You.”  — 2 Chron. 20:12c


1/1 — Pray for the Ugandan children and teachers who were affected by this attack to rest in the One who laid down His very life for them and pray that His peace fills their hearts with the knowledge of His covenantal love.

1/2 — Pray especially for Christians in eastern Uganda where most of the nation’s Muslims live and have created  essentially a self-governed sharia fiefdom because of Uganda’s decentralized system of government.

1/3 — Pray for steadfast faith for Ugandan Christians.

Rubble left after an Islamist attack during worship service in Uganda. (PC: World Watch Monitor)

1/4 — Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict the attacker of wrongdoing and bring him to saving faith in Christ.

1/5 — Pray for the healing of the Christian school director’s wounds and pray that God will use this attack for good and His glory in the lives of those involved with this school in Uganda.

1/6  — Pray for Mulangira to trust in the Lord’s steadfast provision and protection for him and his family.

1/7 — Pray that Mulangira will be reunited with his family soon. Pray that his family will also trust in Jesus.

1/8 — Pray for Ugandan Christians to rely on the strength of the Lord despite the intensity of opposition and intimidation they face.


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