Islam’s spiritual conflict with Christ reveals itself when a young Pakistani woman is tragically burned to death by her Muslim suitor.

On April 17 at 11pm a Christian woman named Asma Yaqoob (24), went to answer a call at the gate to her father’s home. It was a man with whom she had a relationship, Muhammad Gujar. The two of them had been disagreeing over which should convert if they were to be married. Asma wanted Muhammad to convert to Christianity, and Muhammad wanted Asma to convert to Islam.

A short while after Asma went to answer the visitor, her family heard her screaming in pain. When they went outside they found Asma engulfed in flames and could see Muhammad fleeing from the scene. She was driven to the burn unit of a hospital in Lahore, 95 miles away. With 80% of her body burned, Asma went to be with Jesus five days later.

Asma Yaqoob in the burn unit of a hospital in Lahore. (PC: Morning Star News)

Authorities discovered that Muhammad had poured kerosene on Asma and set her on fire. Yet in questioning him, he claims that the fire was an accident and his intent had been to scare her into converting. His claim is that he poured kerosene on the ground, saying, “if neither one of us will convert then let’s die together”. He says the match fell accidentally and she caught fire.

Sadly, because Asma was a Christian woman, Muhammad may get away with it if he claims it was an accident.

“The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.” — Psalm 9:9

Pray —

6/9 — Pray for the comfort of God to rest on family and friends of Asma grieving her death.

6/10 — Pray that the mourning family members of Pakistani martyrs, like Asma, will know the power of Christ’s resurrection and presence in their suffering.

6/11 — Pray for Asma’s family to find strong fellowship.

Asma’s father, Yaqoob Masih (PC: World Watch Monitor)

6/12 — Pray that efforts to distribute His Word in Pakistan would flourish. Pray for God’s protection of evangelists.

6/13 — Ask God to comfort Asma’s family and provide for their spiritual and physical needs.

6/14 — Ask God to bring Muhammad to justice, repentance and faith in Christ.

6/15 — Ask God to sustain the Pakistani Church.

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