Ramadan Day 24:

Muslims are in bondage to a religion that allows child abuse


Last spring, an Egyptian teacher beat a 5th grade student, a little boy, to death. This incident wasn’t in a remote village: it was in the city of Cairo. An Egyptian human rights group reported that such incidents are heartbreakingly common: they counted 265 cases of child abuse by teachers, including assaults that killed 6 children, in ONE SEMESTER. The government and the population, on the whole, have no corrective response to this abuse. Egypt’s population is over 94 percent Muslim.

In October, one Bangladeshi woman, reflecting on the murder of a 13-year-old boy (accused of stealing, then tied up and beaten to death while a crowd of men watched and laughed), said, “The ugly truth is that extreme, unimaginable violence is a daily reality of Bangladesh today.” The population of Bangladesh is over 90 percent Muslim.

Child abuse is a reality, and exists on a horrifying scale wherever Islam is dominant. The spiritual darkness of Islam is nowhere so clear as in this area. The codified approval of the suffering and pain of little children is clearly the work of Satan.

Millions of people, trapped in Islam, have been taught that violence is the way to make a child obey. Muhammad taught that a child who would not pray ought to be “smacked” by his father. “[The child] should be smacked on the shoulder or the hand and the like, which would not cause him to die. Smacking on the face is risky, because the face is the highest and noblest part of a person and if a person is smacked on the face it is more humiliating and shameful than if he were to be smacked on the back. Hence it is forbidden to smack on the face” (Fataawa Noor ‘ala al-Darb, 13/2).

Additionally, throughout the Islamic world, girls as young as 6 or 7 years old are given in “marriage” to older men. Child marriage is staunchly defended by huge segments of Muslims; they are adamant that it is not merely a “tribal practice” or only related to poverty, as Western Muslims insist. (Note the recent case in Germany, where courts upheld the legality of a 14-year-old refugee’s marriage…even though the legal age for marriage in Germany is 16).

Muslims in Egypt, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and beyond note that Muhammad’s “favorite” wife was 6 years old when he married her, and 9 years old when he slept with her. They follow his example, because Muhammad’s life is set forth as the best and holiest example of what a man ought to be.

Today, we cry out to our Father for the release of people from the grim misery of Islam.

He is the the Redeemer and the Good Shepherd. We ask Him to deliver men, women, and especially children from this false religion that often justifies abuse. We pray that those who are hurting because of the legacy of Muhammad will find comfort and healing in the arms of Jesus. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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