Raam was a Hindu in Bangladesh, but one day relatives shared the Gospel with him and he began to follow Christ. He knew a young Muslim girl, Asha and when he told her about Jesus, she also became a Christian. They fell in love. Her relatives wanted to kill them both for apostasy, but with the help of other believers, they found shelter at Tarak’s safe-haven camp in the jungle.

They were married, and began studying the Bible and learning vocational skills. Today, they want to return to Asha’s village to share what God has done for them, despite the fact that Asha’s relatives want to kill them both.  Pray for their safety and praise God for Smyrna’s partner, Tarak, who was ready with open arms in their hour of need.

Converting from Islam is serious business – in Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Ghana, the Middle East and all the other places where Smyrna partners seek to make disciples for Christ. Would you would like to support SMI partners who are discipling believers like Raam and Asha?

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