Four defenseless Wycliffe Bible translators were ruthlessly murdered in the Middle East by men whose minds are in bondage to Islam.

According to a statement by Wycliffe Associates, Islamic militants stormed the office of a group of Middle Eastern Bible translators. The militants shot and killed four people, injured several others, and destroyed equipment and set fire to printed materials. Two of those killed were using their bodies as a living shield to protect the lead translator from the militants. Despite the destruction, the translation work for 8 projects was preserved on several computer hard drives.

“Please ask the Lord to mend the hearts and wounds of the translation team who have gone through this horrible ordeal,” Mae Greenleaf, a prayer coordinator said in a statement . . . Pray with me for the killers too,” she said. “Pray for these whose hearts are so hard. Pray the Lord will open their eyes to what they have done. Please ask the Lord to meet them, each one, right where they are. Pray that He will show Himself merciful, that they will know His forgiveness, His love, and His peace.” —

A Wycliffe Bible translator at work in South Sudan. [PC: ChristianToday]

A Wycliffe Bible translator at work in South Sudan. [PC: ChristianToday]

Note: prior to the attack, Wycliffe Associates – which takes the view that “Father” and “Son” cannot be “softened” or substituted in Scripture for “better” words – severed ties with the Wycliffe Global Alliance, a group which includes translators who try to “soften” Trinitarian language to make it “easier” for Muslims to accept. Smyrna stands in agreement with Wycliffe Associates that literal translation of Father and Son of God is not negotiable. Other wording dilutes the full meaning of Scripture.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
— Revelation 12:11

Pray —

5/16 — Pray for His rest and assurance for the families of the translators.

5/17 — Pray for the Church in the Middle East, especially in the region where the Bible translators were killed, to respond with wisdom and reliance on the Lord of Hosts.

5/18 — Pray that the attackers of the Bible translators will be apprehended and that the Holy Spirit will draw them to repentance.

5/19 — Praise God for the way He is using the witness of these four killed for the sake of Christ in advancing the Gospel.

5/20 — Praise God that His Word cannot be crushed, quelled or silenced. Where it goes forth, it brings life.

5/21 — Pray for accurate and Spirit-enabled translations of the Bible to go forward in the Middle East. Pray especially that the translations in 8 languages on which the Wycliffe Associates team was working will be completed.

5/22 — Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and restoration for the several others injured in the attack.

5/23 — Ask God to bless the efforts of the translators and to enable their work to be completed.

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